English Grammatical Terms

Letter D

  • D,d – (Fourth letter of the alphabet)
  • Dangling ModifierA Dangling Modifier is a clause or phrase with has a different meaning than what was meant by the speaker or writer due to the fact that there are essential words missing – and there-fore, the meaning is “dangling”.
  • Declarative Sentence – This is simply any sentence which “declares” something – rather than asking a question, or making a command or request.
  • Definite ArticleThe Definite Article is a type of Adjective which says specifically “which one”.  The only Definite Article is:  “The”.
  • DemonstrativeA Demonstrative is either a pronoun or an adjective which states which “thing” is referred to in a clause, phrase or sentence.
  • Demonstrative AdjectiveThis is an adjective which states (“demonstrates”) which “thing” is being referred to:  “This”, “That”, “These”, “Those”, “His”, “Hers”, “Its”, “Their”, etc.
  • Demonstrative PronounThis is simply a pronoun which is used in place of a noun  (when the noun is not needed.)  Examples of this is when any of the Demonstrative Adjectives above are used without stating the noun they are referring to (mostly because it is already understood what they are in reference to.)
  • Dependent Clause – (Another name for a “Subordinate Clause”) – This is a clause which These are clauses which “depend” on the main clause to give the meaning, and then they add to that meaning – however, they can not act as a full clause on their own.  (the clause above starting with “however” is an example of this.)
  • Determiner – A word (such as a pronoun, or article) with-in a noun phrase which functions to “determine”, identify, or distinguish the noun.  They can express information such as:  quantity, proximity, definiteness, and relationship.
  • Direct AddressThis is the the term for a proper name of the entity which is being spoken to.
  • Direct ObjectThis is the noun or pronoun in a sentence which “receives” the action of the verb, or shows the result of the action.

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