English Grammatical Terms

Letter G

  • GerundThe word gerund is the term for when an action is used as a subject in a sentence and, therefore, functions as a noun.  What makes it a gerund is when it has the “-ing” ending:  “I enjoy explaining grammar to people in a way that actually makes sense, rather than simply copying text-books which are often worded so poorly that they are wrong.” –  In that sentence, the word “enjoy” is the main verb in the sentence, and “explaining” is the gerund…  despite what almost all text-books say, a gerund is not a verb.
  • Grammatical System – The termGrammatical System” is Common Tongue Term for any system which is put together and works together to achieve symmetry between Grammatical Units, Grammatical Structures, and other smaller Grammatical Systems – and is absolutely necessary for clear communication to occur.  The purpose of creating The Common Tongue is to bring into existence, a Grammatical System that can be used throughout the world, without the mass of confusion that has been created by the lack of any clear system in the language called English.  (At least as “taught” by most English professionals today.)

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