Letter I – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter I

  • Imperative SentenceThis is a sentence which does not have a subject because it is used to request, or command someone to do something.  Therefore it is known who the subject is as that is who is being spoken to.
  • Indirect SpeechThis term is another term for Reported Speech and is used to describe when one is reporting about what another person communicated, rather than directly quoting what was communicated.
  • InfinitiveA verb which is not altered by any specific verb-tense – A verb which acts as a noun with-in a sentence and is used, either alone, or with the particle, “to”
  • InformalA type of speech or writing which would be “normal” for most people; common speech.  This is the opposite of the language that would be used in “official” settings; the opposite of “formal”.
  • InterrogativeA word which is used to imply interrogation (asking questions.)  For Example:  Who, What, Where, When, Why, How…
  • Interrogative PronounAll the examples above are interrogative pronouns.
  • Intransitive VerbA dynamic (action) verb which does not need or use a direct object.  For Example:  in the two-word sentence, “Everyone poops– the verb, “poops” is an intransitive verb.
  • Irregular VerbAn irregular verb which does not follow the standard rules of conjunction.

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