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English Grammatical Terms


Letter A



  • Absolute Modifier – This is a Modifier which is non-gradable.  There-fore, can not be further modified by words like: very, so, completely, etc..




  • Academic Question — A question which is about Something In Particular, but Has No Practical Value other than To Test One’s Knowledge Of or About Some “Thing”…  in-other-words — the type of questions that one would find on a test or in an academic exercise.


  • Accent — The Word, “Accent” has a few meanings, in-relation-to Grammar & Language.  It can refer to:
    • 1)  The particular “character” of a person’s speech, relative to the place or culture in-which the person was born or lives (the twang of a Texan)
    • 2)  A form of Punctuation used to change the sound of a Word — not typically used in “everyday” English, expect for in Phonetics;  such-as those symbols that one can find in the Word-descriptions on The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! — Pronunciation Portal)
    • 3) as an-other way to refer-to the “Stress” on the pronunciation of a Word.


  • Accented Syllable – A Syllable with-in a Word, which receives more Accent than the others.



  • Action Verb – A Verb which represents an “Action” — rather-than a a State Of “Be”-ing.  (See Also:  Dynamic Verb)



  • Active Voice – The form of the Verb used when the Subject of the Sentence or Phrase is the one “Doing The Action” or causing the situation.





  • Adjunct – A type of Adverbial which adds extra information, but is not necessary to the Sentence.


  • Adverb – In traditional English instruction, an Adverb is one of what are referred to as the “Parts Of Speech”, and – in The Common Tongue – is referred to as a Grammatical Unit.  This is a Word which “Adds” information to a Verb — to describe How The Action Of A Verb Was Done.  They can also modify an Adjective or another Adverb.




  • Affirmative – A Word, Phrase, or Sentence that states something which “is” or which expresses agreement in some way.  (See Also: Negative)


  • Affix – This is anything which is added to a Word which changes its form, meaning, condition, or tense — such as:  Prefixes, Suffixes, and Plural, Past-Tense,  or Continuous-Tense endings. – (-s, -ed, -ing)


  • Agent – The “person” or “thing” in an Active Sentence who is Doing The Action or Causing It To Happen.



  • Allomorph – [linguistics] A variant form of a morpheme — a unit of a Word which can change in sound but retains the same meaning — (such as the -ed ending)


  • Allophone – [phonology] One of multiple possible sounds for an individual phoneme (or Letter.)


  • Alphabet – A system/set of picto-graphic symbols ( called, “Letters”) which represent one or multiple sounds for that symbol.


  • Ambi-Transitive Verb – This is the Term for Verbs which can be both Transitive AND Intransitive, without changing their form.


  • Animate Noun – This is the Term for the type of Noun which is referring to any form of living Being — rather-than a Noun referring to an “inanimate” – non-living Noun.


  • Antecedent – The Word for-which a Pronoun represents.


  • Antonym – A Word which represent something “opposite” or “close to the opposite” of an-other.



  • Apostrophe – An Apostrophe is a form of Punctuation which is used to Contract Words, or to show possession.  It is also used as a way of adding quotation marks which are with-in a larger quotation.  In the Word, “It’s” the Apostrophe is in-between the “t” and the “s”.


  • Appositive Statement – A statement added to a Sentence — usually off-set by Commas — which adds more information about a Subject or an Object — but which is not-necessary for the completion of the sentence.



  • Auxiliary Verb – A Verb which is added as an “auxiliary” to an-other Verb, in-order-to form the Tense or Condition of the Sentence.

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