A,a – Glossary of Grammatical Terms

Letter A


The Letter A,a is the first letter of The English Alphabet.  It is also the first vowel.  But in addition to just being a letter, It also has various other functions in English grammar as well.


1. One of The Indefinite Articles representing “One” of some “thing”.  Used in front of words which start with a consonant or consonant sound.

2. One of many Determiners in The English Language.  A word that “determines” the meaning of a Noun or Noun-Phrase.

  • (The same examples as in #1 also apply here.)

One of the 3000 most used words in spoken and written English

  • (Click The Link Above To See The List)

3. The grade given to a student for doing very-well in school or on a specific assignment or project.  This type of grading system is more common in The US.

  • The grading system typically goes from:
    • “A” being the best grade
    • “B” (above-average)
    • “C” (average)
    • “D” (below-average)
    • “F” (failed)
    • There is no “E” grade.

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