Letter D – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter D


  • Dangling Modifier — A Dangling Modifier is a Clause or Phrase which has a different meaning than what was meant by the speaker or writer due to the fact that there are essential words missing — and there-fore, the meaning is “Dangling”.


  • Declarative Sentence — This is simply any Sentence which “Declares” something — rather than asking a Question, or making a command or request.




  • Demonstrative Adjective — This is an Adjective which states (“Demonstrates”) which “Thing” is being referred to:  “This”, “That”, “These”, “Those”, “His”, “Hers”, “Its”, “Their”, etc..


  • Demonstrative Pronoun — This is simply a Pronoun which is used in place of a Noun  (when the Noun is not needed.)  Examples of this is when any of the Demonstrative Adjectives above are used with-out stating the Noun they are referring to (mostly because it is already understood what they are in reference to.)


  • Dependent Clause — (Another name for a “Subordinate Clause) — This is a Clause which “Depends” on the Main Clause to give the meaning, and then adds to that meaning — how-ever, it can not act as a full Clause on it’s own.  (The Clause above starting with “how-ever” is an example of this.)


  • Determiner — A word (such as a pronoun, or article) with-in a Noun-Phrase which functions to “Determine”, identify, or distinguish the Noun.  It can express information such as:  quantity, proximity, definiteness, and relationship.


  • Direct Address — This is the the term for a Proper Name of the entity which is being spoken to.


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