Letter G – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter G

  • G,g – (Seventh Letter of The Alphabet)
  • GerundThe word Gerund is the Term for a Grammatical Unit which is a Verb or Verb-Phrase which is acting as a Subject or Object in a Sentence.  And, therefore, functions as a Noun.  What makes it a Gerund — specifically — is that the Verb has the “-ing” ending (but does not represent “the action of the sentence“…  is not the Main Verb of the Sentence).  —  Example:  “I enjoy explaining Grammar to people in a way that actually makes sense — rather than simply copying text-books which are often worded so poorly that they are wrong.” —  In that Sentence, the Wordenjoy” is the Main Verb in the Sentence, and the Wordexplaining” is the Gerund…  (despite what almost all text-books say — a Gerund is not a form of a Verb.)
  • Grammatical StructureThe TermGrammatical Structure” is The Common Tongue Term for any combination of Grammatical Units — put together to achieve a specific purpose.  SentencesPhrasesQuestions — and the combination of each of those Grammatical Structures, put into a Paragraph are all “Grammatical Structures”.
  • Grammatical System – The Term, “Grammatical System” is a Common Tongue Term for any system which is put-together and works-together to achieve symmetry between Grammatical Units, Grammatical Structures, and potentially even other Grammatical Systems — and is absolutely necessary for clear communication to occur.  The purpose of creating The Common Tongue is to bring into-existence, a Grammatical System that can be used throughout The World — while eliminating the mass of confusion that has been created by the lack of any clear systematic approach in the teaching of the Language called “English” — as taught in typical text-books by typical teachers.  (At least in the experience of “The Teacher” who is the Creator of The Common Tongue Project & System.)
  • Grammatical UnitThe term “Grammatical Unit” is any individual piece of a Grammatical Structure.  All of what is commonly referred to as a, “Parts of Speech” are — in The Common Tongue — referred to as: “Grammatical Units”:  Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interjections, Nouns, Numerals, Prepositions, Pronouns, & Verbsas-well-as their related Phrasal formsare all “Grammatical Units”.

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