Letter I – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter I

  • I,i – (Ninth letter of the alphabet)
  • Imperative SentenceThis is a sentence which does not have a subject because it is used to request, or command someone to do something.  Therefore it is known who the subject is as that is who is being spoken to.
  • Indefinite ArticleThe Indefinite Article is the term for the type of adjective which says “which one” but is not specific.  The Indefinite Articles are:  “A” & “An
  • Indirect Object – A noun or noun-phrase which refers to something which is affected by the action of the verb, but is not the the direct object.  For Example, in the sentence, “I kicked him in the nuts”“kicked” is the verb, “him” is the direct object, and “nuts” is the Indirect Object.
  • Indirect SpeechThis term is another term for Reported Speech and is used to describe when one is reporting about what another person communicated, rather than directly quoting what was communicated.
  • InfinitiveA verb which is not altered by any specific verb-tense – A verb which acts as a noun with-in a sentence and is used, either alone, or with the particle, “to”
  • InformalA type of speech or writing which would be “normal” for most people; common speech.  This is the opposite of the language that would be used in “official” settings; the opposite of “formal”.
  • InterrogativeA word which is used to imply interrogation (asking questions.)  For Example:  Who, What, Where, When, Why, How…
  • Interrogative PronounAll the examples above are interrogative pronouns.
  • Intransitive VerbA dynamic (action) verb which does not need or use a direct object.  For Example:  in the two-word sentence, “Everyone poops– the verb, “poops” is an intransitive verb.
  • Irregular Plural (Noun) – A noun which, in its plural form, is not made plural through the use of the “-s” or “-es” ending.  For Example:  The words,  “Children”, Geese”, “Mice”, & “Deer” – are all irregular plural nouns.
  • Irregular VerbAn irregular verb which does not follow the standard rules of conjunction.

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