Letter L – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter L

  • L,l – (Twelfth letter of the alphabet)
  • Language – Literally meaning:  the results of the processes, action of the “tongue”.  More appropriately, the word “Language” is a word which represents the combination of Grammatical Units (words) and Grammatical Structures that make up the Grammatical System of the spoken and written expression of a people for the sake of communication.
  • Leading QuestionThis is a type of question wherein the person asking the question is trying to trick, convince, or coax a specific answer out of the person that he or she is asking the question to.
  • LetterLetter is a picto-graphic image  that represents a sound or sound-combination.  The Letter is the smallest Grammatical Unit of The Common Tongue or any Language used by man (thus-far.)  Letters combined together form Words.
  • LexisLexis is the term which can mean:  All the words and phrases of a language – or, all of the words which a person uses.  Whereas the term, “Vocabulary” is used to refer to certain groups of words – the term Lexis also includes phrases and more complex terminology.  In The Common Tongue, “Vocabulary” refers to Grammatical Units (the individual words), and “Lexis” refers to the Grammatical Structures (phrases of all kinds).  –   Visit The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Lexis Portal
  • Linking VerbThis is another term for any verb which is a stative verb rather than dynamic.
  • Loan Word – This is the term for any word which is taken directly from another language and is not altered in spelling, pronunciation (other than that of the accent of the people speaking it), or meaning.
  • Lower-CaseThis is the term for the form of all letters in The English Alphabet when they are not used the first letter of the first word of a sentence, or when they are not used in a title, first letter of a proper name, or an acronym.  This is the opposite of an “Upper-Case” or “Capitalized” letter.  Example:  “a” is the Lower-Case form of the Capital Letter “A”

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