Present Simple Tense – Glossary of Grammatical Terms

The Present Simple Tense


In This video, the teacher gives a description of The Present Simple Tense.  He tells how, when and why The Present Simple Tense is used and gives many different examples, including how to use The Present Simple Tense in a question.

He then gives a short exercise to practice The Present Simple Tense.


Form The Present Simple Tense…


Pronoun + (infinitive) Verb

Note:  If the pronoun is 3rd person singular (He, She, It), the verb must have the “s” or “es” ending – If the pronoun is plural or in 1st person singular (I), the verb is in it’s bare infinitive form


I learn English

He learns English

They learn English

Students learn English

Use Of Present Simple…

  • To talk about things in general
  • To talk about repeated actions and habits
  • To talk about things that are generally true – States of Being

Please Enjoy The Video!


I hope that this video lesson was helpful!




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