Letter R – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter R

  • R,r – (Eighteenth letter of the alphabet)
  • Received Pronunciation
  • Reciprocal Pronoun
  • Redundancy
  • Reflexive Pronoun
  • Register
  • Regression
  • Regular NounThis is a noun which can be converted into its plural form, simply by adding either a letter “s” or an “es” combination to the end of the word.
  • Regular Verb
  • Relative Clause
  • Relative Pronoun
  • Reported Speech
  • Resultative Adjective
  • Retained Object
  • Rhetorical Question
  • Rhotic
  • Rhyme
  • Root-WordThe Root-Word is actually the base component of any Word which is made up of more than one unit (Pre-Fix, Root-Word, Suffix).  The Root-Word, (or sometimes, simply, “Root“) is the part of the Word which can not be broken down any further.  To used Mathematical Terminology, it is the “Lowest Denominator”.  –  For Example:  The Root of the Word, “Prescription” is, “Script”

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