Letter S – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter S

  • S,s – (Nineteenth letter of the alphabet)
  • Salutation
  • Sarcasm
  • Satire
  • Scanning
  • Schwa
  • Second Conditional (2nd Conditional)
  • Second Person
  • Semantics
  • Sentence – A collection of Words which form a complete expression of a thought, idea, opinion, fact, etc..  To be considered as a “Complete Sentence“, it must have a Subject and Predicate, even if one or the other is implied.  In writing, the sentence should (according to the “rules of style” begin with a Capital Letter and end with a Period.
  • Sentence Fragment
  • Simile
  • Simple Sentence
  • Singular – Referring to only one (used to refer the form of a noun)
  • Singular Noun – A Singular Noun is a noun which is in a form used to refer to only one of what the noun represents.  –   Read The Full Post – Version #1  –   Read The Full Post – Version #2
  • Skimming
  • Slang
  • Speech
  • Spelling
  • Split Digraph
  • Split Infinitive
  • Spoonerism
  • Standard English
  • Stanza
  • Stative Verb – A stative verb (as opposed to a dynamic or “action” verb) describes a state of being.  All forms of the verb “to be” are stative verbs.
  • Stress
  • SubjectA word or word group with-in a clause (usually a noun or noun phrase) that is dealt with.  Often the subject In the clause is the “actor” of the clause or the thing being focus on.
  • Subject Of An Infinitive
  • Subjunctive
  • Subordinate Clause
  • Subordinating Conjunction
  • Subordination
  • Substantive
  • SuffixA Suffix is an additional unit of one or more letters or added at the end of a word to modify the word’s meaning.  Such as: “-ed”, “-ing”, “-s”, “-es”, etc.
  • Superlative
  • Superordinate
  • Swear Word
  • Syllable
  • Syllable Division
  • Synchronic
  • Synecdoche
  • Synonym – Literally Meaning:  (to be) “Synchronous in Name”  –  The word “Synonym” is the grammatical Term for a word which has a very similar meaning to another word.  Synonyms do not have “the same” meaning (as many text-books and even dictionaries would have you believe) – there is ALWAYS a subtle or obvious difference in either meaning or usage.
  • Syntax

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