Letter V – Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

English Grammatical Terms

Letter V

  • VerbA word which indicates an action or state of being.
  • Verb Phrase – A phrase that functions as a verb, consisting of a main verb and any auxiliaries.  Example:  “I am explaining the meaning of a verb” – “…explaining the meaning…” is the verb-phrase witin-in the full sentence.
  • VocabularyA collection of words with-in any language that can be organized into specific groups or can represent a list of words that a person knows or is learning.
  • VoiceThe way in which a sentence is expressed – either, “Active” or “Passive” – so that the focus is either on the action “Passive” or the doer or receiver of the action, “Active” – Also an example of grammar where-in the terms do not, immediately, make logical sense, and seem to be backwards.
  • VowelThe letters in the alphabet which are represented by the symbols of:  Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu, and sometimes, Yy

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