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These are the videos (and lessons) that I recommend to my students when they need to learn or review a certain aspect of grammar.  This is a growing list, so if it is not as comprehensive as you would like, then just blink your eyes, and I’m sure it will be bigger.

If you know of a video that should be showcased here, please let me know.  Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Common Adjectives


Comparatives & Superlatives


Gradable Adjectives


Order of Adjectives

The Definite Article

  • Nothing Yet – Check Back Soon!

The Indefinite Article



No Article – (The “Zero” Article)

See Adjectives above

  • *All Conditionals* – (0, 1, 2, and 3)… This is a good video about the conditional, however, completely disregard what the speaker says about the 0 conditional not being a “real” conditional… This is completely wrong and a ridiculous thing to say. The rest however, is very good

See Nouns below

(yes, that’s right.  I said Nouns.  Contrary to popular belief Gerunds and Infinitives are not Verbs.  They are instead, Nouns and Noun Phrases which are created from Verbs, for situations, wherein an action or state of being is the Subject of a sentence, therefore, functioning as a Noun or Noun Phrase.) 😉

Imperative Mood
Negative Forms
Passive Voice
Passive Voice

Passive Voice

Demonstrative Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns


General Question Formation


Answering Questions


Indirect Questions


Question Tags


Question Words

Relative Clauses

Defining Relative Clauses

Non-Defining Relative Clauses

  • Nothing Yet – Check Back Soon!
Reported Speech
Sentence Structure

Common Verbs


Dynamic (Action) & Stative (Non-Action) Verbs


Irregular Verbs

Modal Verbs


Verb Tenses

All Tenses


Past Tenses



  • Nothing Yet – Check Back Soon!


Present Tenses




Future Tenses




Other Cases


More updates are sure to come as I find more videos.  Check back often!




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