English Grammatical Terms

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(PG = Prescriptive Grammar  —  DG = Descriptive Grammar)

(GL = Grammatical Lingo  —  OB = Obtuse  —  NG = Not Grammatical)

  • Knowledge & Comprehension  —  [NG]  The Phrase “Knowledge & Comprehension” is not a Grammatical Term, and it is not even Grammatical Lingo.  However — you will see this Phrase (in various forms) — or you may see me use one of the Words of the Phrase“Knowledge” / (to) “Know” – Or – “Comprehension” / (to) “Comprehend”. throughout this site, and all of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

But one thing you will very rarely see from me — is the use of the word “Understand”.  This is because it is a Metaphorical Word which not only does NOT make ANY sense for what it is used for.  But due to it’s ambiguity — the Word “Understand” can also be explained — with an equal amount of logic — to describe completely opposite reasons for the it’s supposed meaning.

In-other-words — are you Metaphorically “Under” the thing which you Comprehend — as if you have a firm “Standing” and can now Metaphorically “Grasp” (another Metaphorical Synonym of “Comprehend”) that thing which you are firmly “Standing Under”?

Or — is that thing “Under” YOU — and you have a firm “Standing” UPON that thing BECAUSE you Comprehend it?…  You tell me which one makes more sense.

Finally — because the Word is clearly a “Trap-Word” (a legal Term which is used because of it’s ambiguity to “trap” someone — due to the difference between it’s common mis-Comprehension & it’s TRUE Meaning & Usage)…  And because the Meaning of “Understand” (it’s TRUE Meaning) and it’s Usage are so different — I have almost completely eliminated it from my own personal Vocabulary — unless I am using it to speak about it’s TRUE Meaning.  And that is:  to cause someone to give away their own power & authority.

Think about if you have ever seen an interaction between a person who is being arrested or questioned by a Police officer.  There will be MULTIPLE times during that interaction where-in the Police Officer will ask “Do You Understand?”

This is because — by law —  The Police Officer works FOR the citizen.  But when a citizen says, “Yes, I understand” — regardless of whether or not they actually Know & Comprehend what they are saying — they have just given their authority over to the Police Officer in that situation.  They have GIVEN the Police Officer the authority by officially stating:  “I Stand Under You”

Therefore — in it’s place — and In Every Situation where one would (mis-correctly) use the Term “Understand” — it can be replaced by the PROPER Words:  (to) “Know”, (to) “Comprehend”, or the combination of the two (to) “Know & Comprehend”.

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