English Grammatical Terms

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(PG = Prescriptive Grammar  —  DG = Descriptive Grammar)

(GL = Grammatical Lingo  —  OB = Obtuse  —  NG = Not Grammatical)

  • Qualitative Adjective  —  [DG]  The Term “Qualitative Adjective” is COMPLETELY Stupid & Obtuse because LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE Adjective describes the “Qualities” of some “thing”!

However — there are 7 different classifications of Adjectives in English Grammar which do describe the different types of Adjectives that there are.  And they do make sense — even if literally ALL Adjectives describe the “Qualities & Characteristics” of the Nouns which they describe.

Those Are:  Proper, Descriptive (another incredibly stupid Term and another way of saying “Qualitative” — only in an even more Obtuse way), Demonstrative, “Quantitative”, Possessive, Interrogative, & Indefinite

That is why — in The Grammar Of The Common Tongue — the Term Quantifier is considered to be what we call “Grammatical Dross”.

For Example:  “1 (something)”, “100 (somethings)”, “A Lot Of (something(s))”, “A tiny bit of (something)”

A Question is the type of Sentence that is used to elicit information from another person, and is ended with the Symbol Of Punctuation that we call a “Question Mark”. [ ? ]


Example:  “Do you like how I describe Grammar?”

The Symbol of the Question Mark looks like this:  ?

  • Question-Stem  —  [NG]  The Term “Question-Stem” is not a Grammatical Term.  It is a term which is used to refer to the actual “Question” that is asked in a Multiple-Choice, Yes/No, True/False, etc. Question on a Survey, Quiz, Test, or Exam.  This is as-opposed-to the “Answer-Choices”.


For Example:

Which Do You Think Is The Best Way To Prepare For The TOEFL Exam?

      1.  Prepare By Watching Videos
      2. Prepare With A Text-Book
      3. Take A Course At A Language School
      4. Prepare With A Course That Was Created By An Expert On The Subject Who Gives Personal Assistance Throughout The Course


In The Example Above — “Which Do You Think Is The Best Way To Prepare For The TOEFL Exam?” is the “Question-Stem” — and 1-4 are the “Answer-Choices”.  (By the way — number 4 is the correct answer)  😉

In Traditional Grammar — and with most “Traditional English Teachers” — they do not make a distinction between “Tag Question” and Question Tags…  But that is because they do not comprehend what is “right in front of their faces”.  Logic, alone, makes it clear that these are two distinctly different though related things.  The first Word of each Term describes what kind of thing that the second Word of each Term is.

  • Question Words  —  [DG]  The Term Question Word refers to the seven Words in The English Language which are not only used to ask certain information — but are also full Questions, without the use of any other Words.  Those Words are:  Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which, & How.
  • Quote  —  [PG]  The Term “Quote” is not a Grammatical Term.  It is a Rhetorical Term which — in the Noun form — is used to refer to something which a person has said;  The specific Words that were used. And — as a Verb — it is used to refer to the act of repeating exactly what another person has said.
  • Quotation Marks  —  [PG]  The Term “Quotation Marks” is used to refer to one of the most common Grammatical Elements of PunctuationQuotation Marks are used to indicate the Words that a person says.

The Symbol of the Quotation Marks looks like this:  (the three dots — The Ellipses — are not part of the Quotation MarksThe Ellipsis represents where the Words would be.)

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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation


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