English Grammatical Terms

Letter U

(PG = Prescriptive Grammar  —  DG = Descriptive Grammar)

(GL = Grammatical Lingo  —  OB = Obtuse  —  NG = Not Grammatical)

The “U-Schwa” is distinct from the “TRUE-Schwa” & the “I-Schwa” because is actually sounds like The Short-Letter “U” — and NOT like a “TRUE-Schwa” Sound.

  • Un-Countable Noun  —  [DG]  The Term “Un-Countable Noun” is used to describe a Noun which can not be counted — because when it increases or decreases, it does-so in Mass, Scale, or Volume.  This is as-opposed-to a Countable Noun which CAN be counted — because when it increases or decreases, it does-so in Number.

This Term is the commonly-used Term in Traditional Grammar.  And although it is better than its British-English alternatives of “Non-Count Noun” or “Mass Noun” — it is still not correct.  In The Grammar Of The Common Tongue, we use the PROPER & CORRECT Term“Non-Countable Noun”.

This is because the Prefix “Un-“ is used to indicate the reversal of something, or the making of it into its opposite.  While the Prefix “Non-“ simply means “Not”.  That is why The Common Tongue Term of “Non-Countable Noun” is the Proper & Correct Term.

  • Un-Stressed Syllable  —  [DG]  The Term “Un-Stressed Syllable”, is used to refer to the Syllable of a Word which is NOT “Stressed”.  This Syllable is pronounced more quietly;  is NOT given as much emphasis;  And the Vowel sound often turns into a Schwa Sound.


“To say that Hillary Clinton is ‘not very-well liked’ is an Absolute understatement!”

—  Translation:  Hillary Clinton is Abosolutely HATED by almost everyone.  In-fact — the only people that do NOT hate her, are people who are very hateful themselves.


“To say that that TOEFL Excellence is pretty good is Very-Much an understatement!”

— Translation:  TOEFL Excellence is The BEST TOEFL Preparation System In The Known Universe!

The Letters of The English Alphabet — when written in the Upper-Case form — look like this:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

However — in Traditional Grammar — and even in almost every dictionary in the world (probably all of them) — there is, often, no distinction between Meaning & Usage.  And this is one of the biggest reasons for the absolutely astounding levels of stupidity in the world as a whole.  This is also one of the biggest motivations for the creation of The Grammar Of The Common Tongue.

  • Utterance  —  [NG]  The Term “Utterance” is not a Grammatical Term — However it has appeared on some lists of Grammatical Terms — so it is here to ensure that there is no con-fusion about this Word.

The Word “Utterance” literally means:  ANYTHING which is spoken.

As such — the word has no Grammatical usage.

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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation


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