The Alphabet

The English Alphabet

Every Letter in The English Alphabet has a specific sound — Some Letters have more than one sound — And many Letters make different sounds when combined with each other.

To find out more about each Letter and the different sounds they can represent, click on the links below.


In the video, the speaker calls the last Letter of the alphabet, “Zed”.  This is the British English name for the Letter.  In The Common Tongue (American English) we call it “Zee”.

You can choose which-ever pronunciation that you feel more comfortable with — however, using the British version, “Zed” — in America — may cause people to become confused and disoriented — and may end-up having to explain that you actually mean, “Zee”.

(This is because — though it was un-common — “Zed” used to be a man’s first name)


The Letters & Sounds Of The English Alphabet


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