What Is Grammar?

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What Is English Grammar?

To answer this question in any other way than the most simple possible, would not only go completely against the philosophy of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, but would also be a complete waste of my time and yours.

Furthermore, it would only prove to “clog up the atmosphere” of human thought…  something which I am endeavoring to remedy.

Cheers To GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

So Then…


(Simply put)
Grammar Is…

*The structure of the [Letters], WordsPhrases, and Sentences of the English language

To say any more than that is to complicate the issue.[/info]

*(quoting from the Wikipedia page on the same subject [with the addition of the wordletters])

However, another of my philosophies can be summed up in one simple question…

Who Am I, To Deny Any Other, His Or Her Freedom?

And of course, to that question…  there is no good answer.

So…  If you would like to get a description which takes up a lot more words, then you can go to the Wikipedia pages on the same subjects to have a more “scholarly” (though a bit more boring) read of the same material.


You can read more about the different areas of grammar, by clicking the links on the side bar.

Either way, you are learning…  right?  😉

P.S.  I am in no way implying that Wikipedia is not a good choice.  I Love “those guys” and am deeply indebted to them (figure of speech) for the information which they provide.  And, in fact, I am merely summarizing (and sometimes re-wording) that which “they” have already presented – only in a slightly more cohesive and comprehensible manner for my “students”… or “learners”… or “the people who come to me for help”.




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